Pissaladière with Sardines

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Pissaladière - Niçoise Style Pizza Bread with Caramelised Onions and Sardines In her book At Elizabeth David's Table, Ms David shares her discovery of the different types of 'pizza' breads encountered along the Mediterranean coast west of Genoa and across the borders of Provence. She speaks of the sardenara - bread topped with salted sardines, onions and [...]

Vietnamese Grilled Pork with Noodles (Bun Thit Nuong)

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Vietnamese Grilled Pork with Noodles (Bun Thit Nuong) Serves 4-6  This dish, Vietnamese Grilled Pork is prepared on the streets throughout Vietnam, with slight regional recipe differences. Thin, fragrant pork slices are barbequed over coals and served over cold rice noodles with a spicy dressing.     I prepared this recipe for City Press iMag Ingredients  350 g pork [...]

Fresh Spring Rolls (Crystal Spring Rolls)

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Fresh Spring Rolls (Crystal Spring Rolls) - called Goi Cuon in Vietnam or Nime Chao in Cambodia. Recipe developed for City Press iMag

Pierogi with Pilchards and Onions in Browned Butter

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Pierogi with Pilchards and onions in brown butter - how to make traditional Polish pierogi suitable for a host of fillings. Boiled and fried in this recipe.

Luffa and Shrimp curry

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Luffa and Shrimp curry - Chinese okra This recipe forms part of a series prepared for Pick n Pay Fresh Living Magazine, October 2013 issue A vegetable, and an exfoliator! My grandmothers, like yours too, if they were a part of the same generation, practicised thrift to a fault. They had to, really, with large [...]

Tuna Polpette in a Quick Neapolitan Sauce

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Juicy, spicy shredded tuna meatballs baked and added to a quick Neapolitan sauce. Recipe developed for Lucky Star/

Deep-Fried Green Bananas with Green Chilli & Tamarind Dipping Sauce

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When I was a child living in KwaZulu Natal, spicy battered deep-fried green bananas, or plantain when we could get it, was a delicacy we loved even more than fried chips. Here's a recipe for this dish served with a green chilli tamarind dipping sauce.

Citrus Almond Cake with Whipped Citrus Curd

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A Citrus Almond Cake made with almond flour and delightfully gluten free. Served with citrus curd whipped with fresh cream. This recipe was developed for ClemenGold.