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dawn jorgensen and Ishay Govender

Dawn Jorgensen, and I, Ishay Govender-Ypma are looking forward to tailoring a delicious experience for you in Cape Town.

In brief, the Food and the Fabulous Food Tours are Food Explorations of Cape Town and can be tailored from one day, to a week , depending on the your interests. Would you like to dabble in a bit of delicious or do prefer to delve into the industry and chat to farmers, visit markets, cook in the kitchens of chefs or locals? Would you like advice on where to eat breakfast, lunch and supper?

We have the insider’s knowledge on where locals spend their time. We do not promote restaurants based on commission, and this ensures that when you eat at a place, you can rest assured we’ve eaten there and we love it. But more than where to eat, we share stories and memories to associate with our food.

Our food history in long and rich: from Malay to Dutch, Afrikaans, English, Indian and French. South African food heritage is complex, interwoven and an eater’s delight!

vendor in Khayelitsha

Who are we?

I am a former commercial law attorney, and now I write about food, culture and travel for various publications, develop recipes and explore the world as much as I can. I am very involved in social media and social causes such as child literacy and the challenge of hunger. I can be found at http://www.foodandthefabulous.com/

Dawn is a fellow traveller, conservationist and has been organising dream trips to Southern and East Africa for visitors for over a decade. She also lives on a small holding and brews artisanal spirits with her husband and family in her spare time. Dawn can be found here: http://theincidentaltourist.tumblr.com/

Together we bring our knowledge of food and the travel industry to present these bespoke Food and the Fabulous Food Tours.

dining by the sea

How we work with local communities

Dawn and I plan standard and custom packages; we may be available to accompany the tour or we employ a trusted guide in our absence (one or the either is highly recommended).

grabbing a 'walkie talkie'

Furthermore, we believe in empowering locals who have the knowledge in their own areas or with specific cuisine. This creates an authentic experience for you, our guest. We have created these relationships and entrust the locals who are fully qualified guides, to ‘take over’ and showcase the flavours of their areas in their own way.

Read about our tour with the Irish Food Board, for a week in Cape Town: http://www.foodandthefabulous.com/the-fabulous/culinary-exploration-of-cape-town-with-the-irish-food-board-bord-bia/

Tours: 1 Day, 2 Day and longer tours. Email us for the itinerary.

Contact us via the Get In Touch Page for info and prices