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Ostrich Kofta Curry – a spin on Rick Stein’s Beef Kofta Curry

By |2017-05-08T12:59:00+02:00September 29th, 2011|Chicken & Poultry, Food, Indian Food Easy Peasy, Mains, Recipe Index, Recipes|

Rick Stein makes a glorious Bangladeshi Beef Kofta Curry in his book Far Eastern Odyssey and I saw no reason not to substitute with ostrich mince- it's lean, inexpensive and so easily available here in Cape Town. I have made Rick's curry his way (which is a just a tad labourious, but very flavoursome), but I find my way with a few less steps works equally well. If you make this curry the day before, as with most spiced dishes, the spices will mingle and deepen overnight. Always check the seasoning again, before serving.

Sri Lankan Style Aubergine Curry – MasterChef SA Week 6

By |2017-05-08T12:36:09+02:00April 25th, 2012|As Seen On, Curries & Casseroles, Featured Articles, Food, Food & Fab Endorsed, Recipe Index, Recipes, Woolworths & MasterChef SA 2012|

My Sri Lankan style Aubergine Curry is based on a favourite recipe from Rick Stein’s Sri Lankan Crab Curry found in his beautiful Far Eastern Odyssey (Uncle Rick is one of my favourite celebrity chefs- he really understands food, its origins and people). I have made versions of the crab curry with great success and thought the aubergines would stand up to and display these flavours wonderfully. Featured by Woolworths for the MasterChef SA series.

South Indian Crab Curry with a Twist – featured in Oprah Magazine

By |2017-05-08T12:52:02+02:00December 14th, 2011|Curries & Casseroles, Featured Articles, Food, Holidays, Indian Food Easy Peasy, Portfolio, Recipe Index, Recipes, Seafood|

I was asked to contribute to the Summer Memories Food Section in the December issue of Oprah Magazine South Africa, featuring 6 food personalities. (I'm a food personality?!) I chose a South Indian Crab Curry, that despite the heat and complex spiciness, is one I always enjoy with my family during the summer December holidays, each year without fail. This is my version - inspired by my mother's Crab Curry and Rick Stein's Coconut Chilli Crab.

Spicy, Tangy Dhal – Bangladeshi style

By |2017-05-08T13:00:58+02:00August 7th, 2011|Destination Meals, Indian Food Easy Peasy, Mains, Recipe Index, Recipes, Travel|

This fairly easy recipe for yellow split pea dhal is adapted from the Bangladeshi Toovar (or 'sour' because of the addition of tomatoes) Dhal by the wonderful Rick Stein, Uncle Rick, whom you should know I adore muchly. An easy, aromatic Indian/ Bangladeshi dish for Meat Free Monday.

Sri Lankan Aubergine Curry – cooked in the style of a fish curry

By |2017-04-12T17:55:53+02:00July 18th, 2011|Destination Meals, Food, Indian Food Easy Peasy, Mains|

I used Rick Stein's Sri Lankan Fish Curry recipe as the inspiration for this Aubergine curry. The bitter nuttiness of fenugreek seeds soften both in flavour and texture as they cook down, melding beautifully with the tamarind enhanced tang of the tomato gravy (chutney) and the heat of the masala and chillis are tempered by the sweet coconut milk.

Mumbai Street Food Guide

By |2017-05-05T16:27:00+02:00January 13th, 2015|Asia, Asian Food, Featured Articles, Food & Travel, People, Portfolio, Published, Travel, Travel in Asia|

Mumbai Street Food Guide – Snacks & the City A diverse ethnic and cultural spread gives Mumbai its unique flavour. While the culinary trend is a growing high-end offering, Ishay Govender-Ypma got to grips with the city’s popular street food fare. For Etihad inflight mag Jan 2015  On the Road Gingerly, I step forward and [...]

A little bit about me – Ishay Govender-Ypma

By |2017-04-07T14:11:47+02:00August 31st, 2014|About Me, Featured Articles, Food & Travel, Portfolio, Profile|

Ishay Govender-Ypma - House & Leisure Magazine This spice-loving Cape Town travel, food and culture blogger keeps sriracha on hand for ‘flavour emergencies.' Ishay Govender-Ypma. For House and Leisure Magazine, August 2014.  Her background might be in commercial law but wanderlust and a deep love of food led Ishay Govender-Ypma to turn these affections into a full-time occupation. The Cape Town-based [...]

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