Ostrich Kofta Curry – a spin on Rick Stein’s Beef Kofta Curry

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Rick Stein makes a glorious Bangladeshi Beef Kofta Curry in his book Far Eastern Odyssey and I saw no reason not to substitute with ostrich mince- it's lean, inexpensive and so easily available here in Cape Town. I have made Rick's curry his way (which is a just a tad labourious, but very flavoursome), but I find my way with a few less steps works equally well. If you make this curry the day before, as with most spiced dishes, the spices will mingle and deepen overnight. Always check the seasoning again, before serving.

Cooking Class with Reza Mahammad, Star of India at The Explorer’s Club, Franschhoek

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It seems that this is the year of the cooking class for me, or should I say cooking demonstration as was the case here as eight of us eager cooks gathered at the Explorer's Club in Franschhoek, a guest house impeccably decorated with the artifacts of a well seasoned traveller and owned and managed by Jo Sinfeld. We were here to meet and cook with Reza Mahammad, the irrepressible B.B.C television celebrity chef, and owner of Star of India in London. Reza is warm, welcoming and his effervescent personality sets him apart.

Spicy, Tangy Dhal – Bangladeshi style

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This fairly easy recipe for yellow split pea dhal is adapted from the Bangladeshi Toovar (or 'sour' because of the addition of tomatoes) Dhal by the wonderful Rick Stein, Uncle Rick, whom you should know I adore muchly. An easy, aromatic Indian/ Bangladeshi dish for Meat Free Monday.

Sri Lankan Aubergine Curry – cooked in the style of a fish curry

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I used Rick Stein's Sri Lankan Fish Curry recipe as the inspiration for this Aubergine curry. The bitter nuttiness of fenugreek seeds soften both in flavour and texture as they cook down, melding beautifully with the tamarind enhanced tang of the tomato gravy (chutney) and the heat of the masala and chillis are tempered by the sweet coconut milk.

Indian Food Easy Peasy: Prawn Madras Curry

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Prawn Madras Curry prawn madras I know there still remains a mystery shrouding Indian cooking, even amongst many of the accomplished cooks and foodies that I speak to. I can hear the sitars playing evocatively as you read this... Now, I'm not saying it's all very easy for me and that I'm mixing my [...]

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