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FC Barcelona: 5 Real Madrid: 0


One of the highlights in the footballing calender and the premier game in the Spanish La Liga, the El Clasico clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid, has been analysed in research papers and bars alike, for months before the game, anticipation mounting, fan rivalry reaching fever pitch and to be honest, nerves (read:mine) within milimeters of threadbare!
I needn’t have worried (I keep having to read the score, above, to reassure myself), because last night, my team was on fire. In a superior display of skill and unity (it appears tenacity wasn’t even required), Barca thrashed Jose Mourinho’s team 5, yes that’s FIVE, goals to nil- as in NADA!
Who would have known? We all hoped, but with Christiano Ronaldo in superb form over the past few weeks, I thought our defence would crumble quicker than the moth eaten pages of a dusty old tome!
It appears the Catalan Mayor had to open the secret back door so that Mourinho, CRon, lifeless Captain Casillas and cage-fighter Sergio Ramos and cohorts could skulk out of Barcelona in black robes, tails firmly between their legs.
A detailed summary of the match will appear on: the offside, or you can read here for a brief overview and for details on the history of the rivalry of the teams, please refer here.

Incredible Victory, Whoopie! Pie for Barca

Talented and kind-hearted Cape Town baker Daniela Dotan ( donated a few hours of her time to show me how to make these special treats, in my own home. When people say that South Africans are generous it isn’t an exaggeration.
While Dani is more than happy to share her recipes, I will just give enough details to whet your appetite!
For those who do not know what a whoopie pie is, think softish chocolate cookie shaped orbs sandwiched together with a butter cream mousse frosting. Very moreish indeed! For her gorgeous shop and her loyal clients, Dani makes dainty vanilla, rose and pistachio whoopie pies. We adapted her frosting recipe and made a vanilla butter cream marshmallow mousse- the heady scent of fresh vanilla, the soft marshmallow texture of the frosting and the smell of warm chocolate cake baking all tested my resolve. The fact that the giant whoopie stood the test of time, long enough to be photographed says a fair deal about my dedication as a Cule. I’m sure you will agree!
Dani iced red and blue glace stripes onto the whoopies and I iced small rosettes on them later. No small feat, may I add! (all that sqeeze, squeeze, squeeze!)
Congratulations gentlemen, we celebrate your victory with you!

celebratory Whoopie for Pep! Visca Barca
I’ve shared some ‘making of’ pictures below, after the Humble Pie.

Real Madrid – taste of Humble Pie

(Vanilla Yoghurt/Yogurt Meringue Pie)

One would think that if our arch rival had to be given a taste of what they deserved, it should be in the form of a lesser pie, at least. This double cream vanilla yoghurt pie, topped with soft folds of glossy, luscious meringue is a celebratory pie, all by itself!
However, I believe in fairness in food (and most other matters) and I can picture the Merengues with slices of this pie in their hands, having to lick the soft meringue topping off their lips, as they lick their wounds too. Oh, the poor devils!

Behind the Scenes- the Making of the Pies

Dani (left) attempting to make a baker out of me

whoopie 1st base action..

Giving the whoopies the Blaugrana treatment

The secret’s in the dough!

whisking hot sugar syrup into egg whites

*With kind thanks to Daniela Dotan.
Please visit her at her store in the Cape Quarter in Cape Town or contact her on 0860 266 266 or for details on her other store/s and products *
Love to hear your thoughts!

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