Pimms & Star Anise Stewed Dried Pears with Ginger Biscuits – with Nina Timm on RSG

The warm and talented Nina Timm of My Easy Cooking  invited myself, Jane-Anne of Scrumptious and Ilse of  The Food Fox to spend a morning cooking in her kitchen with some Safari Dried Fruit and Nut products. I chose to make my Moroccan Chicken Tagine, a tried and much loved favourite, to showcase the use of dried apricots. I  abbreviated the recipe for Nina for her radio show on RSG. Nina also featured my Moroccan Instant Preserved Lemons with Aromatics.

I also made this dessert, adapted from my Christmassy Pimms & Star Anise Stewed Plums and Cherries with Amaretti Biscuits. This recipe uses dried pears and prunes as well as ginger biscuits- a little Easter twist on things, I thought. Also, really very easy. A little sticky and messy, but a delight to eat.

You can listen to the show this morning at 9 am on RSG on 100-104 FM or online by clicking here.

pic by Nina Timm



Serves 2

200 ml Pimms

1/3 cup castor sugar

2 star anise

10 dried pear halves

6 dried prunes

4-6 ginger biscuits, depending on size

1 cup whipped cream (leave a star anise in for a few hours and store in the fridge)



In a small pot on medium-high heat add Pimms and the star anise.

Add sugar and stir gently to dissolve.

Add the dried fruit.

Allow to boil and syrup to thicken, around 5-6 minutes. Fruit should soften but still hold their shape.

Remove from stove and allow to cool thoroughly.

In a tall sundae glass or a serving bowl, crumble one ginger biscuit and sprinkle at the bottom.

Spoon some syrup over, followed by fruit 

Add a layer of cream and repeat, finishing with crumbled ginger biscuit.

Serve immediately.

Pic Nina Timm

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