Cheddar Cheese & Parsley Beer Bread & Exploring the birthplace of Fado – Mouraria

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A walk around Mouraria, the birthplace of Fado music and a very special project to honour the oldest residents of the district. A slideshow of the visit set to a fado number sung by Cuca Roseta. And to enjoy with this? A thick slice of cheddar and parsley beer bread with salted butter.

Onion & Anchovy Beer Bread with Biltong Dip

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I was given the challenge of preparing dishes with combinations chosen by Medi Deli. In this case, their anchovies with their biltong dip. I combined the salty anchovies with onion to make a deeply savoury beer bread and served thick slices of it with the creamy biltong dip. It's really fitting I think, to post these recipes right now, as Medi Deli foods have a predominately Greek origin and I am currently in Greece, enjoying not only the warm Greek hospitality but the range of foods and flavors too.

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