Squid Ink Mini Vermicelli with Seared Calamari, Fresh Tomato, Lemon & Chilli

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Squid or cuttlefish ink takes me to the Mediterranean and remind me of travels to Italy and Spain. I am always on the look-out for unusual or indigenous food items when we explore - sometimes repeat visits yield new items afresh each time. I picked up a box of fine short squid ink vermicelli in Andorra three weeks ago, and with careful packing it made the journey . more or less unscathed. I made this dish with it.

Chorizo & Calamari Tagliolini

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Chorizo, Calamari and Sundried tomatoTagliolini Serves 2 photo property of foodandthefabulous.com Continuing in the tradition of fast (and fabulous) weekday suppers, I whipped this little beauty up with my husband, in less than 15 minutes. Just long enough to hold everyone's attention, without having to resort to the bag of tricks! What bag of tricks, [...]

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