Ostrich Chilli Con Carne with Bacon and Semolina Bread topping

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This recipe is one I've always wanted to make - ever since I watched Nigella Lawson, all tight-fitting baby blue sweater, super shiny locks and glossy pink pout purring about it years ago. Was I still at Varsity then or out, I can't remember. But I do remember the heartiness of this chilli con carne. It was all about abundance and sharing - a huge one-pot meal to share with friends and family who would appreciate this type of communal serving vessel on a cold, blustery evening.

Berry & Rose Iced Tea -Cape Heat Survival guide

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Berry & Rose Iced Tea get your tea in a row As predicted in my post yesterday- the weather in Cape Town has not abated. Die hard environmentalists have shelved their eco- friendly selves in the deep freezer and have cranked up the air-conditioners. Here's a delicious variation on my Apple Iced Tea, inspired by [...]

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