Indian Lamb Koftas for Summer Feasting

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I made these koftas using really beautiful lamb mince from Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants and I toasted cumin seeds, coriander seeds, curry leaves and a few cardamom pods. Once finely ground in a spice grinder, I added them to the mince. It's not essential to add them to the mix, as originally this was intended as a quick recipe, but it adds glorious fragrance and flavour - a Food and the Fabulous Endorsed Project

Tofu and Tamarind: terrific!

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Tofu with Chilli Tamarind Dipping sauce Serves 2 photo property of Tofu Tofu is a versatile source of vegetarian protein. It’s a fantastic wobbly but firm, ghostly white “cheese” (it’ a bean curd) made from coagulated soya milk and nothing new to us here in South Africa. But what tofu has in character, it [...]

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