Bacon and Broccoli Chilli Pasta – Budget Meals for Woolworths MasterChef SA Week 10

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When Woolworths gave me the challenge of preparing a meal for four for R150, a "budget" meal, I knew three things should into play so that the eater (and the cook) would not feel deprived in any way: flavour, easily available ingredients and there had to be dessert!

Baked Figs with Smoked Salt, Ricotta & Crispy Bacon

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So, while contemplating how I was going to use the delicate squid ink vermicelli, salts, unusual rices, dried mushrooms, tinned anchovies and the hoard of really lovely chocolate (oh, that required much deep and meaningful contemplation), as well as relate the culinary tales of trotting and discovery, I needed an afternoon snack. Step in, plump ripe figs, sweet and succulent, sprinkled with Spanish pepper smoked salt, extra virgin olive oil, a blob of fresh ricotta cheese, baked and then topped with crispy bacon bits.

Indulgent Fig & Dolce Mascarpone Salad

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Tempt Me Figs for two Touch me: it is softness of good satin, and when you open me, what an unexpected rose!                                                                                    Gabriella Mistral, The Fig The Fig. Much has been said, much has been alluded. It's leaves, the symbol of modesty and a repentant shame. The fruit, a plump pear-bottomed drop, aligning to [...]

African Relish Cookery School- Saucy Toast of the Karoo

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Figs and Witblitz- a decadent weekend away African Relish building Having read through the African Relish cookery class schedule, I knew that this had to be the weekend that I attended- it was the only course for the year featuring fresh figs, which I simply adore. I have been purchasing the sweet, forbidden [...]

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