Dim Sum Restaurants in South Africa

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Yum cha, or dim sum as it’s known in the West, refers to the act of taking tea. Here’s a countrywide dim sum restaurant round-up to satisfy your cravings for these moreish bites. Written by Ishay Govender-Ypma (@IshayGovender) for Financial Mail. dim sum Dim sum has its roots in the Cantonese morning tradition of [...]

Guide to Jardins Paulista, São Paulo

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Guide to Jardins Paulista, São Paulo - Men in Grey São Paulo’s Emiliano Hotel in the opulent Jardins Paulista neighbourhood offers some clues to the lifestyles of the well-heeled. It’s also the prime position for the business traveller. A man in a fitted pale grey suit speaks into his earpiece, smiles and asks me if [...]

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