One Day in Istanbul

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One Day in Istanbul: Three Times a City  For ancient history and culture enthusiasts, adventurous eaters and bargain hunters, Istanbul is the ideal destination for a vibrant vacation. Immerse yourself in old traditions juxtaposed with new trends. Ishay Govender-Ypma explores. For Sure Travel Journey Magazine. For one night only On my most recent visit to [...]

Our Favourite Sandwiches

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Our Favourite Sandwiches - For City Press iMag I was asked to share my favourite sandwich recipe for a story that City Press iMag ran at the end of last year, featuring fellow bloggers and friends, Anel of the award winning blog  Life is a Zoo Biscuit, Thuli of Mzansi Style Cuisine and Matt of Curate This Space (now, [...]

Smokey Pan Grilled Kudu (Venison) in Pitas

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I was invited by Errieda du Toit, an experienced hand in the kitchen and new twitter friend to be part of a feature on her, by the Afrikaans television programme Pasella. We were tasked with cooking with venison and each chose something a little unusual, a bit of a challenge and at the same time spoke about our activity on twitter and how we experienced the social media medium.

Chicken Liver Pate Pinwheels with Medi Deli Tzatziki

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I was given the challenge of preparing dishes with combinations chosen by Mediterranean Delicacies. For this recipe, their chicken liver pate peri-peri combined with their tzatziki. I must admit, I read the brief a few times to see if I'd made a mistake. I was stumped at first. I knew I didn't want to mix the two ingredients directly. Then the idea emerged: make the pate into a warm pastry wheel sprinkled with cayenne pepper and offset it with a cool, creamy dollop of tzatziki. The result: fun to serve and eat finger-food!

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