Fragrant Slow Cooked Lamb Neck with Date and Almond Chutney

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Lamb neck is a tough and relatively inexpensive cut of meat, but is delicious when slow cooked in a stew or made as a filling for a pie. In this recipe, I slow roasted the necks with cardamom and saffron until tender and slightly sticky and served on soft polenta with a date and almond chutney.

Slow roasted Karoo lamb with Coriander and Lime Pesto

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Slow Roasted Lamb slices of roast lamb with coriander and lime pesto I recently asked readers to share their favourite foods with me One of my all time favourites has to be slow roasted lamb. My mother used to do a pot roast with leg of lamb, flavoured with garlic, lemon and fresh [...]

Halloween Horrorfest: Slow Roasted Greek Lamb (Road Kill)

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Slow Roasted Greek Style Lamb (Vampire's Kill) This recipe is featured on Cape Town Magazine blog.   what lurketh behind the Vampire's Kill....scroll down to find out! Our new house (well, it's going on a year now, with the unrenovated bits going on 60 odd years old), hosted it's first Govender-Ypma Halloween party on Sunday [...]

North African Odyssey

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From previous posts you can tell that I draw much inspiration for my cooking from North Africa- Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco in particular. I mentioned that we really enjoyed Morocco, and that even prior to this, I was intrigued with fiery harissa paste (Tunisian origin), couscous as an alternative starch, refreshing sweet mint tea and the earthy warmth of cumin, [...]

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