Lemony Smoked Haddock Chowder

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This hadock chowder is complemented with lemon zest, added close to the end of cooking. Smoked haddock and sweet corn kernels are such a lovely contrast. Serve with creme fraiche for extra indulgence. You needn't add the carrots but it adds colour, sweetness and bulks up the soup slightly. By all means use haddock that hasn't been smoked if you can't find it easily.

Lemon Turkish Delight Cookies

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I've had the chance to sample a huge variety of Turkish Delight or lokum as it's known in Turkey a few week s ago. I used lemon Turkish Delight in these cookies. Using the Quick Treats Flapjack mix to make these lemon scented, lemon flavoured lovlies, which are crumbly and cakey in texture, I took great delight (ahem) in extending the tastes and sounds of my recent visit to Istanbul in the kitchen.

Raspberry & Lemon Semifreddo – Woolworths and MasterChef SA Week 8

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An easy but indulgent semifreddo. I love this semifreddo because of the unexpected, refreshing scent of lemon and and the freshness of the zest. It goes surprisingly well with rasberries and is creamy and satisfying.

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