Lisbon – A Feast of Many Nations

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Strewn across the Seven Hills, Lisbon’s azulejo (ceramic tile)-covered buildings stack together forming countless arches through which the famous yellow eléctricos, or trams pass, rickety over the cobblestones that are shiny with wear.

An Alentejo Road Trip Guide

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An Alentejo Road Trip Guide - Drive Yourself Traversing the breathtaking landscape of fields, rivers, mountains and pre-historic ruins, Ishay Govender-Ypma explores Portugal’s wild Alentejo in Portugal, a region as yet unmarred by tourism. For Journey magazine by Sure Travel - an Alentejo Road Trip Guide. Lessons from the Land Looking down from the buttress [...]

Pear Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce and Caramel Shards

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This celebratory cake is based on an old Victoria sponge recipe, but I made a rather large one with no layers, baked in a bundt or ring cake pan. I used fragrant, tiny Ercolini pears (in season here in the northern hemisphere). I adorned the cake with a salted caramel sauce I made and while on the theme: caramel shards. Looks fancy but is so easy to make and takes just a cup of white sugar and a teaspoon of sea salt.

Cheddar Cheese & Parsley Beer Bread & Exploring the birthplace of Fado – Mouraria

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A walk around Mouraria, the birthplace of Fado music and a very special project to honour the oldest residents of the district. A slideshow of the visit set to a fado number sung by Cuca Roseta. And to enjoy with this? A thick slice of cheddar and parsley beer bread with salted butter.

Goodbye Glorious Cape Town – but only for a little while

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Adeus Cape Town and dear, dear friends. Tomorrow morning, after around 24 hours of travelling, via le chic ooh la la city Paris, we will (hopefully) arrive in Lisbon, our new base for the next few months. I fell in love with Lisboa a few years ago and we vowed to return. In the morning, grumpy and in need of a shower and a good breakfast, we look forward to opening up that phrase book and calling out a confident "Bom dia!"

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