A Lesson in Kissing the Wrong Boys

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 A lesson in kissing the wrong boys first, for Marie Claire Real Lives The Party of a Lifetime column, December 2016. Written by Ishay Govender-Ypma “OF course I’ve done that. I was married, remember?” Thami* said, slow American-textured drawl and the span of his shoulders on a six-foot frame filling the living room. There was [...]

Supper Clubs from around the World

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Come Dine With Us: Supper Clubs Supper clubs, once exclusively underground, clandestine, anti-establishment and the toughest reservation to get in town, are going mainstream in a city near you. For Marie Claire, May 2014.  Pop-up, closed door, underground, shebeen, anti-restaurant, the idea of eating meals outside the confines of a traditional restaurant setting has now become a regular night out. If you flip [...]

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