Grilled Courgette Slices with Cumin, Lemon Zest & Spiced Greek Yoghurt

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Courgettes (zucchini) sliced thinly lengthwise and grilled on a griddle pan, served sprinkled with cumin, lemon zest and a well seasoned spiced Greek yoghurt make for a quick, easy and healthy recipe, perfect as a starter or side dish for Meat-Free Monday.

Tofu and Tamarind: terrific!

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Tofu with Chilli Tamarind Dipping sauce Serves 2 photo property of Tofu Tofu is a versatile source of vegetarian protein. It’s a fantastic wobbly but firm, ghostly white “cheese” (it’ a bean curd) made from coagulated soya milk and nothing new to us here in South Africa. But what tofu has in character, it [...]

Meat Free Monday – worth the hype? Mushroom Burger, Spiced Aubergine dip & Grilled Potato wedges

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 Le Chic Mac vs The big Mac At the outset, let me make it clear that I abhor fads. I dislike being told what to wear and when, where to holiday, what to listen to. You get the idea. I'm grateful for book and restaurant suggestions and someone bringing to light that the most delicious tomato pesto [...]

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