Dukkah crusted Seared Ostrich with Herby Couscous -McCormick Flavor Forecast 2013

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I paired dukkah crusted ostrich with seasonal asparagus served with a dollop of saffron cream and herby couscous with slices of Turkish apricot - flavours of Africa and the Middle East mingling in one wholesome, healthy dish.

Asian Style Ostrich on Ginger Sweet Potato Rosti

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My meal of Asian style ostrich served on ginger sweet potato rosti with veggies in an Asian dressing isn't about taking you to the next level of culinary superstardom. It is about showcasing ingredients simply but with emphasis on flavour. It uses ingredients you can easily find at a good supermarket and uses a meat (poultry, actually) I've been preparing for years and that I find many people still hesitate to use. Ostrich, local, low in fat and certainly lekker. The fillet is not an everyday piece of meat, so make this when you want to spoil your someone special. This is a meal for two and perfect for a date night in.

Ostrich Chilli Con Carne with Bacon and Semolina Bread topping

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This recipe is one I've always wanted to make - ever since I watched Nigella Lawson, all tight-fitting baby blue sweater, super shiny locks and glossy pink pout purring about it years ago. Was I still at Varsity then or out, I can't remember. But I do remember the heartiness of this chilli con carne. It was all about abundance and sharing - a huge one-pot meal to share with friends and family who would appreciate this type of communal serving vessel on a cold, blustery evening.

Asian Style Ostrich & other Ostrich Meat Recipes

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I prepared this dish for Yuppie Chef's Spatula magazine and it's the perfect meal to make to impress a someone special - the flavours are bound to capture attention. We're speaking here of the zing of fresh ginger, the heat of chilli, the fresh burst of lime, the saltiness of oyster sauce and the warm nuttiness of sesame seeds and sesame oil.

In honour of a Cracking Blaugrana Victory!

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I'm both proud and pleasantly surprised that those witty, always ready with an insightful jibe guys at theoffside picked up this blog post and I may, in future be doing more Barca football / food posts for them. You can view the cracker post on their site (http://barcelona.theoffside.com/) here: http://barcelona.theoffside.com/barcelona/in-honour-of-a-cracking-blaugrana-victory.html#more-3750 Visca el Barca! In a [...]

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