Chocolate & Bran Crunchies

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Before you think this crunchie virtuous because of the addition of bran, I'd like to remind you that you've got two blasts of chocolate here, albeit it very good chocolate in the form or cacao powder and chunks of 70% cacao chocolate. The cookie will look buttery when hot from the oven but hardens as it cools. Very moreish and a wonderful treat for lunch boxes and tea time sweet cravings.

Lemon Turkish Delight Cookies

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I've had the chance to sample a huge variety of Turkish Delight or lokum as it's known in Turkey a few week s ago. I used lemon Turkish Delight in these cookies. Using the Quick Treats Flapjack mix to make these lemon scented, lemon flavoured lovlies, which are crumbly and cakey in texture, I took great delight (ahem) in extending the tastes and sounds of my recent visit to Istanbul in the kitchen.

Sweet Potato & Bran Rosti with Snoek Paté

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In this recipe I used the Sasko Flour Quick Treats Bran Muffin Mix in combination with grated sweet potatoes to make a rosti. I think this combination would also work well using peeled, mashed sweet potato with the mix to make a fat flap jack, also to be served with smooth, salty snoek or smoked snoek paté or even a thick dollop of creme fraiche. I served this with lemon zest which always adds such lovely lift to dishes sweet and savoury.

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