Mealie pap – white maize meal porridge

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On cold mornings, I recall my mother bustling about in our suburban South African kitchen, ladling out bowls of creamy mealie meal papor porridge. Hot from the saucepan, she’d stir in a little more milk and sugar, and occasionally, a cube of cold, unsalted butter and a tablespoonful of tinned golden syrup.

Democratising Food Writing

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When the late U.S restaurant critic Jonathan Gold wrote about food, he invariably commented on the irrational fear white Americans have of their neighbours, forging connections along the way. Ishay Govender breaks it down in our local context.(@IshayGovender), For Sunday Times, August 2018 The future is female.. Image: Yandisa Nazo/Ekse Lens Recently, a [...]

What you can expect to eat on Safari

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What you can expect to eat on Safari - Not the ellie! Promise Wondered what you can expect to eat on safari in Africa? Read on.. (Nope, not an ellie. Promise!) It’s 5 30 am and the wake-up call is shrill, shredding the still air like nails down a chalkboard. Still groggy (and grumpy) from a long night [...]

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