Goat Cari and Rougail – Feasting in Réunion Island

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Goat Cari and Garam Massalé – Feasting in Réunion Island Linguistics, culture and feasting in Reunion Island. Tamils on the Island Carol & Frederika “The desire to identify as Tamil is important to us because it was denied in the past,” says Frederika Ramaretty when I ask about the peculiar nomenclature on Réunion [...]

The Interesting Journey of Curry

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The Interesting Journey of Curry - how curry travelled the world Durban style crab and prawn curries For Sunday Times Extra, Sunday 14 June 2014 What constitutes an authentic curry? Every accomplished cook would like to believe that the curries, biryanis and soups served at home, recipes passed down from great-grandmothers or from [...]

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