Thai Red Curry with Seared Ribeye Steak

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Earlier this year, I was invited to participate in the Women and Wine of the World International Competition 2012 and appointed 'godmother'. My task is to pair dishes with the winning wines. The first is a gewürztraminer with a Thai red curry with seared ribeye steak - how to make a red curry paste from scratch.

Tom Yum Soup – Very Yummy Indeed. Featured on Expresso Breakfast Show

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I was invited to present a dish on the Expresso Breakfast show to celebrate the Thai New Year. I am no expert - the cuisine does not form part of my cultural heritage. But, I have been cooking and eating Thai food since my late teens. I decided to prepare a Tom Yum soup, ideal for this drastic change of weather in Cape Town. That lovely balance between sour and hot. Nourishing but not fattening. Flu-blitzing but moreish. Tom Yum soup, that Thai classic -you can control the heat and the zing as you choose. I often use a sachet of Tom Yum paste but enhance the flavour with fresh limes, chilli, lemon grass, dried lime leaves and a little palm sugar.

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