Raspberry & Honey Tiramisu made with Grappa – an interview on Valentine’s day

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A delightful take on a traditional tiramisu, I made this one with raspberries and honey and grappa instead of Cointreau. I used soft lady-finger biscuits I bought in Andorra the week before last. Why tiramisu? Well after all the bashing Valentine's day gets from me, another others in various camps, I figured we all need an afternoon pick me up. Also a Valentine's day Q & A from City Press's L Magazine

Cherry in your sangria- love ice cubes

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Cherry in your sangria- love ice cubes berry sangria with raspberry rose ice cubes So, having survived a frenzied week of love and loving  (oh, do get those thoughts out of your dirty minds), of sweet treats and feed your lover foods, here's the simplest thing you can make to make your feelings known. [...]

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