Girl with the Red Spatula – Lisbon Part 1

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I have been in Lisbon for four days now and loving every moment of it. The Red Spatula and I have been sharing our meals too. To join me on this journey of sharing, simply click on this link here and join my WeFeedback Network. Together we can share more and make a bigger difference to keep children in schools and hunger-free.

Goodbye Glorious Cape Town – but only for a little while

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Adeus Cape Town and dear, dear friends. Tomorrow morning, after around 24 hours of travelling, via le chic ooh la la city Paris, we will (hopefully) arrive in Lisbon, our new base for the next few months. I fell in love with Lisboa a few years ago and we vowed to return. In the morning, grumpy and in need of a shower and a good breakfast, we look forward to opening up that phrase book and calling out a confident "Bom dia!"

WeFeedback – Show us your Fridges

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I share why I refuse to shut out the realities that we don't want to acknowledge such as a world that can not read and one that goes to sleep starving. Have a look at some of the pics of fridges from our foodista friends, submitted for WeFeedback's "how many kids can we feed" project. Add your voice to make a difference.

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