Swahili Food: Taste of the Swahili Coast

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Taste of the Swahili Coast - Swahili Food The Swahili Coast runs from southern Somalia to northern Mozambique, a unique cultural melting pot that reflects in the cuisine. For Fine Dining Lovers, July 2016.   In the village of Alfeneseni, outside Zanzibar, an east African island popular with holidaymakers for its pristine white shores and [...]

Prawn Dhansak – a spicy taste of the Islands. Woolworths & MasterChef SA Week 13

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For this week's Woolworths MasterChef SA Spice Challenge, I delve into the wonders of Zanzibar the Spice Island and make a Parsi dish, a prawn dhansak. Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar and was Parsi- did you know? Dhansak uses a variety of spices, lentils and in this case mango and pineapple pulp and lime juice. Serve with a mango and pineapple salsa.

Darajani & Forodhani Markets, Stonetown, Zanzibar – a guide

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Zanzibar is a fascinating romantic island, with an exotic blend of Indian, Arabic and European architecture and influence and a mixture of crumbling buildings and palaces, sadly juxtaposed.Two of the famous markets, the ancient Darajani Market and the bustling Forodhani Market - what to expect, what to eat, and what to avoid. Plus a few of my favourite pics from a wonderful holiday.

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