South Africans are born braaiers. And even if we’re not, we all seem to have a secret recipe for the perfect chop or chicken wing, and a string of “tips” for the one wielding the thongs. And if the weather’s miserable? Why, the oven or the stove top will do, thank you very much.

The question is, do you have a recipe for the MOST FABULOUS peri peri grilled chicken? I bet you do.

Why do I ask?

Nando’s is looking for one fan, or in serious grilled chicken speak, one FANDO to join the official judging team of the first Nando’s International Griller’s Challenge, where 40 of the top international grillers (the men and women who actually grill your fix of Nando’s around the world) will be competing in the AFRICA AWAITS- 2012 International Grillers Challenge on the 23rd of September 2012 in Johannesburg.

Not a bad way to spend Heritage or Braai day, eh?

 Click here to Enter

What’s in it for you?

Apart from mingling with the judges and earning enormous cred as a grill maestro, the Fando will bag:

  • Flights up to Joburg and back, if you don’t live there
  • Lunch at Nando’s Northmead for two
  • Sandboarding on the mine dumps at Mount Mayhem for two
  • Evening of entertainment and fun
  • Judging the Nando’s Grillers Challenge
  • Awards ceremony and celebration at Chaf Pozi (one of the trendiest venues in Soweto) **

In other words, VIP chicken, VIP. Sound good?

Enter your most awesome peri-peri grilled chicken recipe  directly on this nifty Nando’s Facebook app.

This is the only way to enter, but you have to hurry! Nando’s will select the top 10 Fando’s grilled peri-peri chicken and then the public gets to decide.  Competition closes 3 September 2012 and the public vote closes on 5 September 2012.

Get ye to the chilli and the grill!

Some suggestions from the Food and the Fabulous Kitchen:

  • Mexican Sting: with chipotle or ancho chilli
  • The Baby Bird: Birds’s eye chilli oil
  • Green Mamba: green chilli, fresh coriander and mint marinade
  • Moroccan Minx: Toasted crushed cumin & coriander seeds & harissa paste
  • Turkish Terror: Crushed chilli peppers, cumin and kebab spice

More details, visit the Nando’s Facebook page, and the Food and the Fabulous page while you’re at it.

Happy grilling!

Source: Life is Ambrosia Blog

*I was approached by Nando’s to broadcast this message and will be remunerated for it. Check out my Food and the Fab endorsed policy.*

** Terms and conditions apply**

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