Tweet, Taste, Tick

On Thursday, 9 December this is exactly what a bunch of twitter and foodie folk were invited to do. I was thrilled to be joining the table, along with some of the more famous foodie twitterati (I won’t name names), in an exercise conceived by the owners of Societi Bistro and their talented Chef Stefan Marais.

Guests were served a selection of starter and mains courses off the new summer menu, the dishes were explained by Chef Stefan and then we were given an opportunity to taste and tick off on a list what we thought a fair price for each offering was and comments were encouraged.
You will agree – having your work critiqued by a large group of people, and those with a particular interest in food, can be a risky exercise. After all, everyone has a preference, an opinion, and a blog to air those thoughts, right?

food that inspires conversation

The folk at Societi were utterly relaxed about it, confident that their tried and tested recipes would hit the mark. And they were right.
Fellow titter bud Matthew, summarised the event as an exercise in crowd sourcing in his blog post.
I certainly think it’s an inventive way to gather intel at one sitting from people who know (or claim to know) a little about food, who will probably return and sing your praises on the social media platforms for all to hear. If you get it right.

My Favourites

As mentioned above, Societi did get it right! Some of my favourite dishes were the watermelon, vodka and mint starter (how can this not be a summer favourite?), the slow cooked lamb and the tender chicken with tarragon, grapes, leeks and white wine.

Summer- right here.

Lamb with a mint and fresh herb pesto

half chicken with tarragon, grapes, leeks and white wine

Wines were provided by the respected wine commentator Neil Pendock, and the unpretentious quality of the vino suited the honest homestyle fare.

Bad apple? What the grape!

More of the delicious food we were treated to:

chicken liver paperdelle with sage, burnt butter and onion

Grilled zucchini fettuccine with mint and parmesan

anti pasti platter

pork scaloppine with parsley potatoes and lemon zucchini

grilled vegetable platter with herb pesto

You can find Societi Bistro at 50 Orange Street, Gardens or call them on 021 4242100.
I plan to spend many a summer evening here.

*I have disclosed that Societi Bistro invited me to this tasting. However, all opinions expressed are done so independantly and the interpretation of the menu and the ingredients are mine. *

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