A French and Fabulous Cake

Photo by Catherine Scott

I purchased this beautiful, French style butter cake topped with nuts from a lovely lady at the new Palms market in Woodstock. It cost R60 (6 euro) and was transformed with a handful of fresh raspberries into a special treat. Then again, cake however regular, turns an ordinary cuppa into something special.

Here’s the baker below, looking elegant with her lovely layer of cakes, dusted with icing sugar and adorned with pretty flowers.


“Eat this with champagne” she advised. The cake is slightly crumbly and freezes well.

I researched recipes, trying to emulate this one, but couldn’t find the perfect one. This Almond Cake by David Lebovitz surely comes close, but isn’t the same.

Photo by Catherine Scott

In the meanwhile, I’d like to share some photos that I styled and were taken by my talented friend Catherine Scott.

photos by Catherine Scott

Photo by Catherine Scott

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