Artichokes- best way to serve them

artichokes- best way to serve them

Correct- do not adjust your screens or your glasses, this my dear friends, is probably the best way to serve fresh artichokes.

I started with high hopes and armed with recipes from the great Italian chefs. I wanted simple, tender artichoke hearts, marinated in a light chilli garlic olive oil, to enjoy on crusty bread.

I hacked through the sturdy outer leaves, just under a third from the base as per the instructional video I watched on you tube (honestly, what was life like before you tube?):

My stumbling block arrived at the thistle. Thistle, so silky, thistle so cruel!

Should the urge ever strike to insert your finger into the artichoke from the back-end (I know, this sounds utterly vulgar, but I did) and push the thistle out, may I advise that you never ever do this! I am also aware that at no point in the video, was it mentioned that you stick your finger up the artichoke. This bit of ingenuity, I have to claim as all mine.

What started out as soft and silky, ended up with my finger embedded with those soft and silky thorns. I was in agony, and reversing my finger out of that wicked choke was even more agonising.

Needless to say, operation arichoke for supper was aborted swiftly (and not so painlessly).

The pretty buggers ended up in vases and in a bowl. They’re safer that way.

blossom in a vase

The next day, I saw a post on my friend, the very talented Neill Anthony’s blog on gnocchi and artichoke fricasse. Sigh. Puts things in perspective.

I will try again though, perhaps not in the immediate future.

(I still have a few thistles embedded in my index finger)

Blossom pretty

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