Boozy Christmas Cake Truffles – Easy and resourceful

Easy and resourceful – two things you may not want to be referred to as in the same breath.

But, these truffles certainly are. Left over Christmas cake is splashed with Port (or brandy), rolled into balls and dipped into a clever mixture of equal parts 70% couveture and white chocolate. This ensures the chocolate isn’t too harsh and bitter a partner, but not sickly sweet either. However, the point is to use up left overs, so please use whatever you have at hand.

Boozy Christmas truffles in January are a sure-fire way to conjure up the recent holidays and tackle any worry. And let’s be frank, January can seem a month of much worry for many of us. If anything, it’s a sluggish start into the usual routine after days of heavy feasting and slothful ways.

Also, this is a nice way to use up Christmas cake that could ordinarily we thrown away or left in the freezer to collect freezer whiffs for months to come.


Makes 18

110 g 70 % dark chocolate pieces

110 g white chocolate pieces

450 g Christmas cake

40 ml Port or brandy (optional)


Line a baking tray with baking or grease proof paper.

Heat both the chocolate in a double boiler (or a bowl suspended snugly over a pot of simmering water) and stir to melt. Mix well.

While chocolate is melting slowly, add the Christmas cake to a bowl, add Port and mix well.

Form into balls – around 18.

Using a wooden spoon, guide the cake round across the melted chocolate in the bowl, to fully coat. You may need to gently roll the ball in the opposite direction as well. I kept thinking of this as “walking” the ball across a park. Not sure why, but this kept me entertained during the process.

Also note, traditional dipping may not work, as the cake ball is too dense and may fall apart. The gentle guidance of a wooden spoon however, works a charm.

Place truffles on grease paper and leave tray in fridge until set – 30 minutes or overnight.

I kept these truffles in the fridge, as the hot summer weather resulted in melted truffles in no time.

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