Chorizo, Calamari and Sundried tomatoTagliolini

Serves 2

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Continuing in the tradition of fast (and fabulous) weekday suppers, I whipped this little beauty up with my husband, in less than 15 minutes. Just long enough to hold everyone’s attention, without having to resort to the bag of tricks! What bag of tricks, you ask? Oh, you know, I’m sure you have one too: special cookies, ice- cream, promises of a back rub, etc.
For the pasta, use any long ribbon variety. Fettuccine or tagliatelle will also work well. Fresh is preferable, as there is no sauce and a good quality pasta will hold its own.


2 cups fresh tagliolini, boiled (4 minutes should do the trick) and set aside.
15cm chorizo, thinly sliced (I used Rudi’s, which is also stocked at Oded’s Kitchen). I used a tape measure, in case you’re wondering. (Fun times!)
15cm calamari steak, cut into strips. (By all means, use tubes if that’s what you have) *tip-wipe dry with absorbant kitchen paper after you’ve washed. You want to remove as much moisture as possible, so the calamari will brown and not stew.
3 salad onions snipped with a kitchen scissor.
10 sundried tomatoes, hydrated in hot water.Reserve some of this water.
8 baby tomatoes, sliced in half
2 tsp chilli paste or hot sauce, or 1 small chilli finely sliced
salt to taste
splash extra virgin olive oil +extra for drizzling
Parmigiano cheese, to grate over.<


You need to work quickly, as the calamari and chorizo are done in flash and you need to ensure you don’t overcook them. It’s best to prep all the ingredients in advance.

In a non-stick pan, heat oil and add spring onions.
Add calamari to the pan. After 30 seconds, flip the calamari over and turn up the heat to high, for a further 30 seconds.
Add chorizo and turn down to a medium-high heat.
Add sundried tomatoes, minus the water they’re sitting in, the fresh tomatoes and the chilli.
Stir – this should take less than two minutes. Remove pan from heat.
Add hot ingredients to pasta in a bowl and mix through. Moisten with a tablespoon or two of the reserved water and add a splash of olive oil, salt (and freshly ground black pepper if preferred).
Sprinkle with parsley and grate over parmigiano.
No bag of tricks required!

Love to hear your thoughts!

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