Girl with the Red Spatula – Lisbon Part 1

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I have been in Lisbon for four days now and settling in well. You know you’re becoming one with the people when you can hail a cab, recite your street address fluently, even if you have to hand over a piece of paper with your destination, purchase detergents and cleaning cloths for the apartment and drink vinho verde at every opportunity. I’ve also been enjoying some of the local food, as you can see in my pics and videos.

*note, noisy – at Cape Town International airport*

To join me on this journey of sharing, simply click on this link here and join my WeFeedback Network. Together we can share more and make a bigger difference to keep children in schools and hunger-free.

Do I really think any of this will make a difference?

Is it a way of assuaging my guilt for living it up in Europe? What about concentrating work and energy to raise funds in Africa and South Africa, more specifically? Will there be those who conclude I am misguided and the project is worthless?

I’ve thought about all this. Maybe you are right. But, maybe you are wrong and it’s on that premise that I will (to the embarrassment of my husband), wield the Red Spatula in restaurants, markets and even private supper clubs and push out of the comfort of my shell to show food lovers how easy it is to share meals.

*dinner at BocdeSantos restaurant*

How does it work?

1. Wefeedback is the world’s largest community for sharing food via easy to make online donations, and thereby changing lives.

2. I am sharing a variety of meals and calculating the value per plate or meal.

3. Join my network on the link above and donate the value of the meal, a multiple of it or a faction of it. So, if a meal cost € 5, that would feed 25 kids. You can donate the €5, multiples of it, say €10, €15 etc or even a part of it, say €2.

4. Follow my journey through Europe as I try to raise awareness about the value of our meals.

Remember: the biggest difference comprises a cumulative of the smallest actions. Avoid food wastage wherever you can: share food with those around you, use up left overs, recycle and compost where you can.

Images will be posted on Pinterest here:

Wefeedback following my journey:

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