Greek Inspired Lamb Chops – Merry Christmas!

Trees are shimmy-shaking, Zumba hips swaying,
Sheets of water dancing
Smudgy-grey light blurring, I see it all from my bed
Before you think me lucky, all warm and snuggled cuddly
Know that I’m working,
And sneezing, spluttering and muttering
Feeling very sorry for the trees, and mostly
For my head

There you go. Ramblings from my bed. Nothing Emily Dickinson. A little embarrassing the way certain bits rhyme. All in all, nothing you could envy, or wish you wrote.

(I am alright, in case you were wondering. I’m always determined to fight a flu myself and in less that a week. 5 days and counting now…)

I’ve been thinking about the concept of longing. As in longing for what you do not have – things, talents, the ephemeral slim hips and flat belly of long-lost youth, a baby, singlehood, a nicer garden/partner/education. You know, all those things that may play up in your own head,  in your quiet moments, to taunt and haunt. Naturally, the person on your telly or living next door could be in possession of just the thing you want, or the thing that eludes you. Longing turns to envy.

To say it’s a very human thing, would be stating the obvious. To ostracise the human in possession of any of these desirables is…bizzare? But common practice.  I’m not sure why, but Beyonce Knowles just popped into my mind. I think she may just be the exception. Oh, and Madiba too. I haven’t heard a single person say a mean thing about Beyonce, yet she has it all doesn’t she? (well more or less; newly divorced parents can not be easy). If I mentioned Kate Moss or Victoria Beckham, I assume there would be two or even more camps – love, hate, detest, neutral.

Is it because Beyonce is always gracious with just that little bit of meat on her bones, the poster child for wholesome? Is it that we can justify her success, even her provocative videos bursting with sexual innuendo, because she is that lovely girl next door, the one who’d be your best friend if she wasn’t spending all her time living it up in Hollywood? Is it something on a spiritual level we’re unconsciously processing (ooooooohhh, cue weird outer space sounds).

Who knows how we justify who deserves what, what we’re comfortable with and how we manage the unfulfilled longings of our hearts.

The one thing I’ve learned for sure, that helps especially on days when I question my have-nots, is that the only path to where I need to go, is one only I can travel. The only way that I can travel that path, is with a clear conscience. And the only way I can carry a clear conscience is to devote my energy to others. Some days I forget and need to teach myself from scratch.

Oh, and screw the rest. Well, have a boxing session, or some ice cream first and then give ’em all a big fat you-know-what sign.

I bet a girl like Beyonce is not afraid of good food (can’t say the same of the others though) and at this time of year, lamb chops always remind me of weekday dinners with my family. (And sometimes Saturday brunch, but that for another day)

I’ve made these Greek inspired lamb chops (nothing that I claim to be authentic Greek) by using fresh thyme, Kalamata olives, garlic, a little feta cheese and spritely mint.


Serves 2-4

4 lamb chops

1 T olive oil

3 large tomatoes, diced with seeds

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

8 Kalamata olives

handful fresh thyme leaves

5 mint leaves, chopped

4 small blocks feta cheese, crumbled

salt, to taste


Sprinkle salt on chops and sear in a pan on high heat on both sides, done to your liking – rare, medium, well done.

Remove and allow to rest.

In same pan, fry the tomatoes, garlic and thyme with a little salt on medium heat. Add olives to pan. I prefer to heat the tomatoes for a few minutes and not cook till a soft, chutney state.

Create a little space by moving the tomato mixture to the sides. Add chops on to re-heat.

Remove chops, top with tomato. Scatter mint and crumbled feta over.

Serve immediately. Toasted pita bread and tzatziki would make a nice addition to the meal.

A very merry Christmas to you if you’re celebrating and best wishes for a fantastic festive season!

I hope you’re blessed with plenty of all the things you long for.

If you’re still looking for gifts for your loved ones, may I suggest one of two very thoughtful gifts:

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Thank you!

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