Passion fruit and Dried Fig Semifreddo with Saffron (World Egg Day part 2)

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I felt the four eggs used and all the whisking and whipping to make this creamy, indulgent dessert, qualified this dish for entry into my tribute to le oeuf.

This is a variation of the semi-freddo I made last month, and you can find the recipe

The flavours of sweet, heady saffron, and juicy, slightly tangy passion fruit combine well in this ‘Bring on Summer’ dessert.

In this semi-freddo, instead of the strawberries and nougat, I’ve added the pulp of six passion fruit and 60 g chopped dried figs, hydrated in a few teaspoons of freshly boiled water, and a fat pinch of saffron, boiled in 1 tablespoon of milk.

For the sauce, I melted 4 tablespoons of passion fruit jelly, from The Jam Jar (I love this delightful little shed and try to stock up on jams, jellies and atchars whenever I go to Franschhoek. I just wish they’d do a reduced sugar variety too). You can read more about the Jam Jar here. You can also just spoon fresh or canned passion fruit pulp over as is, or cooked with a tablespoon or two of sugar to make a sauce.
I made four individual semi-freddos in wafer baskets and one larger one.

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Watch out for the next post- things don’t quite go as I planned. But still, I voyage forward!

Viva le oeuf!


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