Valentine Banoffee Pie with Ginger Caramel filling & Salted Caramel on the side

ginger caramel, banana, whipped cream and lashings of salted caramel

This is the last of my woo-your-lover Valentine’s day desserts, made with few ingredients and assembled very quickly. You still have a chance to impress today, and what better way than with a home-made dessert, that doesn’t stress you out (I give alternatives that make it even easier) and that you can take to bed with two spoons and feed each other? Just make sure you don’t dribble sticky, salty caramel all over your beautiful cotton sheets.

The inspiration for this recipe came after reading  Nina Timm’s (My Easy Cooking) recipe for a beautiful Cappuccino Banoffee Pie which transported me right back to my latter Varsity days when I’d make this using a shop-bought flan case, a can of Nestle caramel treat, bananas and whipped cream. I was the most popular person in the apartment for the 30minutes or so that the tart lasted.

The weekend before last, I spent my birthday at Phantom Forest, and was utterly bowled over by a “coffee ginger jam” that the Boma restaurant served, sandwiched between delicate short-bread biscuits. The jam was actually a thickened caramel, and I thought a gingered caramel would work nicely with this pie.

I substituted the cappuccino Marie biscuits for caramel flavoured ones, added a little more butter to the crust and followed Nina’s instructions for the rest. (I had salted caramel left over after making this- but it does keep for days in the fridge- heat up if too thick and drizzle over vanilla ice-cream). I also made a much smaller quantity of crust and filling,  just enough for 2 medium sized heart ramekins.

tuck in


Makes 2 medium ramekins

For the Crust

60g Caramel flavoured Marie Biscuits ( alternatively use plain Maries or digestives)

50g butter (I used softened butter, not melted)

1 tsp golden syrup

For the filling

1 can tinned caramel

2.5t finely grated fresh ginger (leave this out if you prefer)

2 bananas sliced (Nina advises to steep the bananas, skin on, in boiling water for 4 minutes. Skins will blacken. Peel and slice when cool)

150 ml fresh cream, whipped

For salted caramel

1/2 cup white sugar

1/2 cup fresh cream (Nina used heavy cream)

4T butter

1/2 t fleur de sel (or other good quality salt flakes)


Process the biscuits with the butter and golden syrup till the crumbs come together. I processed till quite fine. Divide between ramekins and press well. Refrigerate to set.

Place the sugar (must be white sugar Nina says), in a pot and allow to melt over medium heat. When the sugar caramelises, keep a vigilant eye on it, lest it burn. When it turns a golden colour, remove from heat and beat in cream and butter. I used a wooden spoon. Beat until it thickens and add the salt. Allow to cool.

If you’re in a real spot for time, you may leave out the salted caramel and just shave some good dark chocolate over, but I love the taste of the caramel and feel that it complimensts the subtle ginger and the bananas.

Now, add the caramel to a pot over low heat. Add grated ginger and mix till smooth. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Remove ramekins from fridge and add a thick layer of gingered caramel. Top with slices of banana and whipped cream. Drizzle salted caramel over.

Thanks for the inspiration Nina. I plan to make a large sized pie version of this soon.

Valentine’s Banoffee Pie

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