Sweet Chilli Chicken Pitas with Beetroot Slaw

This bright and zingy chicken pita is the ideal meal for when you don’t have time but need the nutrition. Substitute the chicken for a firm white fish like the everyday favourite hake, shelled prawns or beef strips. For vegetarian alternatives, use red kidney beans, butter beans or aubergine slices.

The raw julienned beetroot is a sweet take on red cabbage slaw. Personally one I prefer. Instead of mayonnaise, I’ve used low fat plain yoghurt. By all means use double cream or thick Greek yoghurt if you like.

This recipe is healthy, low fat, quick and easy. Leave out the pita and serve with brown rice or wrapped in lettuce leaves for extra brownie points (just none from me!).

Why not pack the chicken pita and slaw in separate lunch boxes and assemble your healthy lunch as colleagues watch hungrily. Or, you could share.


Serves 2

2 T olive oil

2 skinless free-range chicken breast fillets, sliced thinly.

50-60 ml sweet chilli sauce of your choice

salt, to taste

2 x pita breads

Beetroot Slaw

125 ml raw beetroot julienned or cut into strips

125 ml cucumber, cubed finely

few tablespoons plain low fat or Greek yoghurt

juice, half lime

salt, to taste


Heat a pan on medium and add the olive oil. Add the chicken strips and fry on both sides till browned.

Add sweet chilli sauce and stir through the chicken until it’s cooked. Don’t overcook – chicken will dry out.

Add salt to taste.

Mix all slaw ingredients together, or add to the pita as separate components.

Place pita breads in toaster, slice in half and stuff with chicken and beetroot slaw.

Squeeze lime juice over and serve.

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