Hunger Relief Update – #MakeItHappen

Having a new opportunity to combine my love of food, connecting with people and making a real difference has redefined how I’m planning the year. With the help of Lumia, I pledged to work with a relief organisation. What’s evolved since is that I will be involved in a number of smaller projects over the year.

I am visiting the Food Bank and one of their benificiaries tomorrow to assist and better understand the process of distributing the food items they receive.

I’m in talks with the WFP to join on a mission in an African country (South Africa does not qualify for relief hunger aid). There are many logisitical aspects here, and I will need to slot in where I can be fitted.

children are the future of our food security

children are the future of our food security

Here’s a video of the Edible Garden project I worked on with a local primary school, Observatory Junior School in February.

My story has only just started and I look forward to updating you as I get to do more.

If you want to commit to a goal for 2015, let Lumia enable you. You could even win a Lumia device just by pledging your commitment to your goal. Take a look at Chris Forrest’s humorous spin on pledging.


Lumia approached me to participate in this project with a promise to fund a part of it, and a fee for my time for this post. As you will know by now, I retain  full editorial control.

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