Goodbye Cape Town – but only for a little while

View from under Torell Gardens in Lisbon

Adeus Cape Town and dear, dear friends.

Tomorrow morning, after around 24 hours of travelling, via le chic ooh la la city Paris, we will (hopefully) arrive in Lisbon, our new base for the next few months. I fell in love with Lisboa a few years ago and we vowed to return. In the morning, grumpy and in need of a shower and a good breakfast, we look forward to opening up that phrase book and calling out a confident “Bom dia!”

I am taking with me every electronic gadget in the office, bar a few – we are going to Lisbon on a food adventure with many, many unknowns and several bits of red tape yet to cross. We decided to extend our May month holiday to include as much of the days I am allowed out of the country and in the Schengen states.

What will I do? I will eat and drink, of course. And communicate (as best I can) with the people like you and I, who enjoy food and sharing it. Because we are entirely self- sufficient (honestly, the best way to do it in my opinion – no expectations apart from your own) we will be working too. So, innerwebs, I hope you are listening – we need you to perform! Max speed, all day, every day.

Alfama district and buildings typical of the area

The girl with the Red Pot Spatula

Girl with the red pot

I have an incredibly exciting start to the trip which roller-coasts into May and June – I predict one very frazzled girl with the red pot. Except, in place of that heavy pot (cast iron, nogal), I will be taking my red spatula around. Unless I lose it along the way, or it’s confiscated (Noooooo!), the spatula is coming along on a set of rip-roaring cooking and mingling adventures.


Follow the Red Spatula

Let’s share my meals and feed the kids who depend on it most!

I will also be sharing one or two meals, maybe more, per week (and per country) and will encourage you, and you, and you to donate its value to children on the school feeding schemes at WeFeedback, the initiative of the World Food Programme. Click on the link to join my network in a few steps and to read all about it. Also click here to read about what other food writers and bloggers have done to help.

If you’re lucky, I may post a video or two of these meals. Pasteis de Nata, bachalau, salty sardines on the grill, Port and more. Delicioso!

Stay in touch

Please spread the word and follow my journey on twitter @Foodandthefab or via the Facebook Page:

I’m looking forward to meeting some incredibly talented folk and sharing their stories with you.

P.s next destination involves the need for a pair of Prada or Jimmy Choos heels – neither of which I own. Eeeep!

P.p.s I have the nasty task of dealing with a mere two pages left in my passport; after much bureaucratic hassle, I opted to take the risk (and if you know me, I’m more a medium- low risk profile not high risk at all). Won’t lie – I am concerned! I may return sooner than you, or I think after all!

 *My sincere thanks to the very special people I have chatted to, who have agreed to chat or meet or whom have offered contacts and restaurant suggestions and more. Truly grateful*


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