Instagram Series

In this series, I share the little moments and special people I’ve encountered during my time here in Vietnam and in Cambodia. Often these were captured on my mobile phone, sometimes supplemented with a Vine App video or a photo on my camera.

You can view them all on my Instagram account – come say hello and show me what’s happening in your world too!

meet the people of Vietnam

Ms Thao, travel consultant and wonderful being

Thao helped me create our Vietnam itinerary and came to visit us with a gift. She also (at my last minute request) accompanied me shopping this evening at the Old Quarter. Still wearing stilettos after work, she bought a pair of flip flops in hot pink along the way. Afterwards we had a snack of fruit, coconut milk & shaved ice at a street side vendor. When she dropped me of at the hotel to return to her baby and husband at home, she shunned the tip I offered for her time and assistance. ‘We’re friends,’ she said waving goodbye. You can understand that I’m a little teary eyed (blame the humidity) ❤ #travel #people#meetVietnam   This is of Thao and I enjoying fresh fruit, condensed milk and ice on Vine (un-mute volume icon on video for sound)

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