Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill


Often the scene of throngs of Cape Town’s beautiful people – the hipsters in stovepipes and fedoras, the organic free-range squad and the bare foot cooks seeking artisanal cheeses and charcuterie, the Neighourgoods Market recently won Eat In’s award for Best Market in it’s region.

flowers and veggies

Having spent countless Saturday afternoons at the Neighbourgoods Markets (I don’t think I fall into any of the above categories, necessarily, in case you were trying to find the appropriate pigeon hole for me), and I fully agree with the accolades this market has received- most deserved.

bread from Knead & Spices

The market  currently houses Cape Town’s most complete and varied range of produce and suppliers from Richard Bosman’s masterful cured meats and sausages to The Drift Farm selling organic fruit and vegetables, including the striking candy-striped beetroot. The food selection includes some of the best made to order bitterballen in the city, French crepes with decadent fillings, fish burgers, paella, Cape Malay style curries and steak sandwiches.

I hardly ever stop by between 10 am and 12 30 – if you aren’t afraid of the crushing crowds, by all means do go by then. I find our missions to the Neighbourgoods Market are never to linger- often we pop in to pick up essentials including Oded’s caramelised onion relish and Roasted Garlic and Ginger paste, just opposite the Market, grab a bite to eat and maybe stay a while longer if there’s a spot to stand against.

I wouldn’t say this market has inexpensive fast food- I’ve heard many people including my own friends squawking at the 50 to 65 buck (That’s ZAR, by the way) steak or pulled pork sandwich.

fresh juices, mushroom kebabs, French fare

Granted it’s not cheap, it’s still probably one of the best quality sandwiches and very generously cut- often one is enough for two to share, leaving space for a crepe for afters.

We’re really lucky in Cape Town, with more and more markets popping up, such as the St George’s Mall Earth Fair Market, Bay Night Market and Tokai Earth Fair Market.

However, if you’re visiting Cape Town and don’t have much time to explore all these, may I suggest that you give the Neighbourgoods Market a visit, to drench yourself in Mother City market culture.

capetonians do it on the floor!

When: Every Saturday

Time: 9am to 2pm

Where: Old Biscuit Mill, Albert Road, Woodstock

*Alchol served on premises*

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