Food and the Fabulous in Fabulous Vietnam

Floating markets, instagram image

Floating markets, instagram image

At the Cai Rang Floating market, Mekong river delta. Hopped aboard a pineapple trader’s boat. The man has pineapple cutting skills, I tell you

Hello friends!

I have been posting microblogs on Vine, Instagram and Facebook, sharing snippets of our travels to Holland, Vietnam and Cambodia over the last few weeks.

It has been incredible in ways we hoped and in some ways we couldn’t have imagined and I refer specifically to Vietnam and Cambodia, two countries we hadn’t visited before.

A riot of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and smiles. Some of it has been taxing, physcially and emotionally but mostly it has been rewarding and joyous.

So much so, that we decided to extend our stay briefly at our last stop Saigon. I’m thrilled to move out of a hotel to sort of an apartment (well, I haven’t seen it in the flesh yet) to be able to cook with ingredients from the market, do our own laundry (developing country or not, laundry at plush establishments costs the same around the world – crazy) and to write and work.

We are so looking forward to it and I will be sharing the microblogs as well as photos and new posts too.

In the mean time, do click on the links to my favourite social media platforms in the first para, and come say hi.

Would love to share the journey with you.

Here’s my first animoto video about the floating market, nearby villages where they make coconut candy and rice paper as well as rowing along the delta. 


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