Women and Wine of the World 2012  – Some behind the Scenes Fun

I received these images from Founding President Régine le Coz today. I’m not sure how she managed to get the time to sift through the hundreds and share all the pics of me, but I know she works with an incredible “dream team”- her affectionate name for the team that works tirelessly to help her put the event together each year.

As you can see from the pictures of the event the night before especially, the atmosphere was one of conviviality, celebration and encouragement. There are no inflated egos or feelings of entitlement and certainly no time for such. The women (and men, there are a good few) who attend this event do so to support women in wine and several scholarships are awarded during the year by the organisation.

Outside La Saliere Restaurant, with Régine’s Dream Team


Outside the Irish Pub, after hours Monte Carlo


Dinner with the participants and the men who supported us, Le Saint-Benoit


Switching tables, dinner at Le Saint- Benoit


Régine le Coz



Audrey Domenach RHS (blogger and SM advocate) looking for something behind the yellow paper


Régine (R) handing out prizes after raffle for charity


Jelle with a winning ticket, and lovely Joana Mesquita


Régine with Marie Pascaud, winemaker


Rosé by another name – taken during tasting and competition

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