Poached Eggs on a Chilli Tomato Sauce

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The first in my contributions to the MasterChef themes is on Eggs. I submitted three recipes and my Rich Dark Chocolate Soufflé with Honey Almond Cream was featured on Woolworth’s Pantry page. I also encourage you to have a look and try out this easy step-by-step Healthy Poached Eggs with a Spicy Tomato Chilli Sauce and my fantastic all-in-one Bacon and Egg Breakfast Cups too. Tips on cooking with eggs as well a s step-by-step photo series on poaching eggs

Asparagus Vine Tomato & Bocconcini Tartlets with Balsamic Drizzle

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On one of my daily iPad magazine browses, my eye caught sight of a triangle shaped pastry topped with slices of fig (one of my very favourite late summer fruit) and drizzled with a thick chocolate sauce. I didn't quite note which magazine featured the pastry, but the visual stayed with me. An adaptation of a sweet tartlet, these savoury asparagus, mini vine tomato and fresh bocconcini pastries use ready rolled butter puff pastry and are drizzled in a thick and rich sweet and slightly tangy crema di balsamico which I love using with sweet fruit as well.

Karela (Bitter Gourd) Stuffed with Sweet & Tangy Tomato Filling

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On a recent visit to my folks in Kwa-Zulu Natal, I came upon these alien looking nubbly, wrinkled vegetables (they are actually fruit). I tweeted a photo of them and almost instantly received the reply that they were karela, or bitter gourds. They are tropical or sub-tropical vines, and the fruit vary in bitterness. Popular in South East Asian and Chinese cooking, bitter gourds are valued for their medicinal properties. It's best to use the young gourds and to follow a strict method of soaking in a saline solution to remove the bitterness. I took a small selection home to Cape Town, much to the amusement of my mother.

Grilled Courgette Slices with Cumin, Lemon Zest & Spiced Greek Yoghurt

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Courgettes (zucchini) sliced thinly lengthwise and grilled on a griddle pan, served sprinkled with cumin, lemon zest and a well seasoned spiced Greek yoghurt make for a quick, easy and healthy recipe, perfect as a starter or side dish for Meat-Free Monday.

Meat Free Monday – worth the hype? Mushroom Burger, Spiced Aubergine dip & Grilled Potato wedges

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 Le Chic Mac vs The big Mac At the outset, let me make it clear that I abhor fads. I dislike being told what to wear and when, where to holiday, what to listen to. You get the idea. I'm grateful for book and restaurant suggestions and someone bringing to light that the most delicious tomato pesto [...]

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