Captain’s Brew – A Cocktail for Carles Puyol

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It can’t have been easy for el Capi over the last eight months. Injury, surgery, recuperation, slow start and most recently, a break-up! Blimey, we all hoped he’d have more sense than to date a model, but they seemed happy together and clearly he has set the bar for all future applicants.

Ladies, those hand-hearts do not come cheap, so make sure you’re under 25, in tip-trotting shape with nerves of steel to support the pillar of our team if you have any intention of nabbing the title of newest WAG.

But, one should never write off an old horse. They’ve got tricks. And in the immortal words of Seinfeld, a break-up never takes the first time. Who knows, our Capi may yet be re-united with his old flame.

So, dry your tears and join me in a bit of cocktail magic to wish Puyi and our band of merry men well for the season!


I’ve been busy in the Food and the Fabulous cocktail bar, experimenting with potions and vials, and after much testing *hic*, I’ve come up with this: Captain’s Brew.

It’s got a few anti-oxidants (with the cranberry juice and I used a Rooibos iced tea, very good for you), so our health conscious Capi should approve. As for the rest – cinnamon liqueur for bite, and we know Puyol is Mr Spice. Vodka for kick. The blue Curaçao for his taste in the exotic (i.e the girl). Also, I aimed to channel the Blaugrana colours: red and blue.

Shortish, humble glass because our man is the no-frills all action sort. And ice? Cos it’s nice.

Salut, Capi!


100 ml cranberry juice

100 ml iced tea

50 ml white grape juice

1 tot cinnamon liqueur (I used Aftershock Red)

1 tot vodka

1/2 tot blue Curaçao (optional)

crushed ice


Mix the juices togther.

Add ice to a glass.

Add the Aftershock and vodka.

Pour the juices over.

Pour the Curaçao over for effect, if using.

Stir and enjoy!

Salut Carles Puyol!

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