Decadent Layered Savoury Cheesecake – for your Cheese Board

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A decadent alternative to festive pud: a savoury cheese 'cake' layered with dates, walnuts and fig compote

Watermelon Vodkatini – hot in the city

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It appears, summer has decided to bare some skin and peek over the mountain in Cape Town - after an infuriating game of now you see me, now you don't. What better way to celebrate summer (and the upcoming weekend- rumoured to be smokin' hot) than with ice cold in-season watermelon and chilled vodka cocktail - a watermelon vodkatini. Add a handful of raspberries and you're rosy. There's no sieving, shaking, and barely any stirring here, unless you insist.

Captain’s Brew – A Cocktail for Carles Puyol

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It can't have been easy for el Capi over the last eight months. Injury, surgery, recuperation, slow start and most recently, a break-up! But don't worry, do dry your tears. I've been busy in the Food and the Fabulous cocktail bar, experimenting with potions and vials, and after much testing *hic*, I've come up with this: Captain's Brew.

Bovlei Mad Hatter’s Collection of Wines

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Boveli Cellars held a unique event recently that I attended. Based on 6 classic hat styles, the cellar has created wines to suit each, using foreign varietals with a view to introducing them to the local market, at supremely affordable prices. I'm talking R39.99 (less than 4 euro!) a bottle.

Day Tour of the Cape Winelands with Wine Desk [Wine Tourism]

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A guided tour of the Cape Winelands with Wine Desk - we covered KWV Winery, Kanonkop, Middelvlei and Van Ryn's...come along for the best in warm Cape hospitality.