*This recipe was developed for Sasko Flour, who approached me to find ways to use their products creatively. I agreed to this project as Sasko Flour products have been used in our house and my mother’s for so very many years. I’m pretty sure you live in South Africa, you have a packet of cake flour or self raising flour from them too *

Before you think this crunchie virtuous because of the addition of bran, I’d like to remind you that you’ve got two blasts of chocolate here, albeit it very good chocolate in the form or cacao powder and chunks of 70% cacao chocolate. The cookie will look buttery when hot from the oven but hardens as it cools. Very moreish and a wonderful treat for lunch boxes and tea time sweet cravings.

I’ve combined the Sasko Quick Treats Bran Muffin mix with oats and chocolate to make this crunchie style biscuit – a hit in our house!


120 g salted butter

60 ml brown sugar

2 T golden syrup

125 ml  Sasko Quick Treats Bran Muffin Mix

1 cup rolled oats

2 T cocao powder

50 g bitter-sweet chocolate, chopped up into small chunks.


Preheat oven to 180˚C.

In a pot on low heat, melt butter, sugar and golden syrup.

Add Quick Treats Bran muffin mix, oats and cocao powder and stir well.

Remove from heat and add the chopped up chocolate.

Either spread evenly mixture on small baking pan so that it is 3/4 cm high or spoon rounds with plenty of space between each crunchie as they will spread a lot.

Bake fo 10 minutes, remove and cool slightly before cooling on wire rack.


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