Edible Gifts You Can Give in Glass Jars – Cool Ideas for Instant Gifts

So many edibles can benefit from being stored and presented in glass jars with sweet ribbons and gift tags – doesn’t it just make you all 1950’s crafts-crazy inside! In this series on Edible Gifts, I present a few ideas for you to create a gift in mere moments, using bought items such as the recipient’s favourite cookies, chocolates or sweets, presented in a jar.

If you’ve had the right intention, but have run out of time, this post is for you!

Additionally the glass jars are re-usable, recyclable and should last a long time. A gift that keeps giving in these fickle days? Yes, please.

An idea I’m really loving at the moment is to create the cookie mixture you know he/she will love and present it in jar with the recipe. You see these meticulously layered jars at the flea and food markets everywhere – however, if all the ingredients are going to be mixed anyway, there’s no need to be precious about it using funnels and scouting for tiny elves to assist you – mix in a bowl and scoop out into a jar. Seal, label, tie a ribbon around it and there you have it – a thoughtful gift from the heart, in no time.

Make the mixture in bulk and spoon out into several jars if you’d like to present a number of friends and family with your favouite cookie or cake mix, for example.

Alternatively, present a friend who likes to bake with unusual or expensive ingredients such as vanilla pods, novelty cookie cups, an expensive brand of butter (ensure you deliver cold) etc.

Why not get the kids and the rest of the family involved in making these home-made jarred gifts?

I found the perfect mini meringues at a specialist bakery the other day – feather light and slightly chewy on the inside. Perfect for small, deconstructed pavlovas. They’d make a great gift for someone who likes pavlova – it is *the* summer-time dessert after all.

These Dutch kruidnoten (or mini spiced ginger cookies) are available only at this time of year and were just sent to me by my in-laws this week. I will share them with friends in jars like this one (if my husband allows me to part with a few – sucker for them, he is)

Choose chocolates and sweets you know he/she will enjoy and present in pretty jars like this one with a thoughtful note.

Do you have jarred gift ideas you’d like to share? I’d love to know.

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