South African Olive Oil

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South African Olive Oil South African Olive oil and table olives have earned their place with the world’s best. Public awareness and increasing demand means more farms are offering tastings, pairings and workshops. For SAA Mango Juice, June 2014. There is something very stately about an olive tree. The gnarled, twisted trunk and silvery-green branches [...]

Dark Chocolate, Dried Apricot & Roasted Hazelnut Bark

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Good quality dark chocolate flecked with tart strips of dried apricot and roasted hazelnuts tumbled together in small tins and jars, make delicious edible gifts for lovers of indulgence. The ingredients added make the act of melting, pouring and chilling chocolate appear complicated and the treat sophisticated. It really could not be easier to do. And showing off some fine Mustardseed and Moonshine platters

Spiced Cocoa Cookies with Roasted Hazelnuts & Rosemary – Cape Town’s First Cookie Swap

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This Saturday (17 December 2011), at 2 30 pm a group of Cape Town cookie crafters will be gathering at the Cut&Bake studios to sample Cut&Bake's cookies, drink bubbles, snack on some savouries and swap our home-made cookies and chocolates. Details and how you can get involved here..also a recipe for unusual, tempting Spiced Cocoa Cookies with Roasted Hazelnuts & Rosemary.

Edible Gifts You Can Give in Glass Jars – Cool Ideas for Instant Gifts

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So many edibles can benefit from being stored and presented in glass jars with sweet ribbons and gift tags - doesn't it just make you all 1950's crafts-crazy inside! In this series on Edible Gifts, I present a few ideas for you to create a gift in mere moments, using bought items such as the recipient's favourite cookies, chocolates or sweets, presented in a jar. If you've had the right intention, but have run out of time, this post is for you!

Chilli (Chili) Garlic Oil

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Flavoured oils are time-savers in the kitchen and really easy to make. I made a chilli and garlic oil, infused with a little rosemary - an addition to my Edible Gift series, which could be the perfect gift for the host of a holiday season party you may be attending, the brother who loves to cook or cousin who finds every excuse not to.

Dark chocolate & Almond Bark with Sea Salt

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Diwalis remembered and another away from my family. I replaced the ache with the quickest sweet I could make. White chocolate rose truffles with salted macadamia centres, dusted with cocoa and this Dark Chocolate & Almond Bark with Sea Salt. It's a grown up combination of flavours, the roasted almonds and beautiful salt off set the semi-sweet chocolate. Really easy to make too.

Garam Masala – make your own

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Garam masala refers to a "hot" mixture and references the spice's pungency or warming effect, as opposed to heat as one would associate with chiilis or chilli peppers. It is available throughout india and varies from region to region, North to South. Typically, this spice is used close to the end of cooking of curries to intensify the aromas and add depth to a dish. Just a teaspoon or two is added. Recipe developed for Yuppie Chef.

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