Garam Masala – make your own

This recipe was developed for and featured by Yuppie Chef’s Spatula Magazine.

Garam masala refers to a “hot” mixture and references the spice’s pungency or warming effect, as opposed to heat as one would associate with chiilis or chilli peppers. It is available throughout india and varies from region to region, North to South.
Typically, this spice is used close to the end of cooking of curries to intensify the aromas and add depth to a dish. Just a teaspoon or two is added. You can vary the mixture, with many combinations of spices.
Black pepper is traditionally used, but I enjoy using green and pink peppercorns.
You will note the difference in colour (and strength of aroma) in a freshly home-made batch, versus the varieties available for sale in supermarkets.

store bought on left v home-made on right (darker)

Garam masala is simple to make at home and gives exceptional results to Indian and Sri Lankan dishes – it’s a matter of dry frying the spices and grinding. Easy peasy.
For the recipe, visit Spatula Magazine
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